Paul Gold

had a workers compensation claim on a dispute of permanency from 2004 through 2011 against an insurer in the workers compensation area. Paul has represented himself Pro Se at times as a lay person with only a high school diploma. During the adjudication process Paul learned substantial knowledge of the system with finding an amicable resolution of his own claim. Upon resolution, Paul has obtained his BSBA Undergraduate degree in under three years, and has moved on to start pursuing his Juris Doctorate degree even with his disability.

Though,during Paul's time in law school, in conjunction with his in-depth knowledge, relentless drive, passion, and experience with the workers compensation system, he now devotes all his time on the newest way to settle workers compensation claims for the industry, as a new business method process was born. 

This process provides cost saving benefits to third party administrators, reducing risk exposure, all while expediting the time frame for final resolution of claim for all parties involved, in addition to alleviating the backlog of claims in the adjudication process today. 


Experience You Can Trust 

We provide cost effective resolutions of claims and stand behind our unique business method 100%. All services provided will be on a contingency fee agreement. Shall a resolution for disposition of the claim addressed not be reached within one meeting, no fees will be incurred for our services.  


Our Unique Process 

Our Patent Pending Business Method Process Solving the Problem:

This specific implementation at the very first insight of a new permanency type of claim or our consultants view on a long term existing claim of dispute, will make all the difference to the case management of each specific claim by providing an in-depth analysis for resolving the claims set forth with a cost effective resolution in just one meeting with claimants when they are represented by counsel. Thus, reducing the expected loss for the claim itself to the insurer, increasing the company’s core profit potential on long term liabilities with limiting the vast exposure on specific claims which would not have been reached prior. Our method, upon a successful resolution of claim, reduces the physician costs for additional Independent Medical Exams or wasted funds for over utilized physician reports and services, ongoing legal and administrative costs, which will have a direct cost benefit on each claim. Here, not being required to obtain reports over and over again, or continuing with further administrative expense costs in addition to legal fees, will help in turn with the management of the claim by keeping those valuable insurer resources within the company providing less wasted funds in this area, improving the bottom line directly to the insurer. 


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About Us

Comprehensive support strategies you and your company can trust.


Our team strives for excellence by providing smart, sensible, and cost-effective business solutions for our clients. 


Our Unique business method and patent pending process, allows us to find an amicable resolution of workers compensation claims in only one meeting with claimant's, when they are represented by counsel in accordance with state specific statues. ​

Our custom tailored strategies for each claim with our in-depth knowledge of the workers compensation systems provide specific cost effective results for our clients. Paul Gold's  history speaks for itself, as an expert within the area of workers compensation, providing effective resolutions of claims with only one meeting between the petitioner, when they are represented by counsel.

We’re committed to providing you with top notch specialized support, customer service and knowledge. We approach every client's claims, with a focus on integrity, advocacy, and understanding for no claim is exactly the same.

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